Famous People of Solihull, West Midlands

Considered the wealthiest town in the County of West Midlands and one of the wealthiest UK boroughs outside London, Solihull takes pride in being home to some outstanding residential communities and swanky neighbourhoods. As such, the town has its fair share of famous people including actors and actresses, professional athletes, writers, musicians, and political icons. Below is a list of some of the most prominent residents of Solihull town both in the past and the present:

Barry Austin

Born in one of the boroughs of Solihull, Austin is allegedly the fattest living man in the U.K. At one point, according to multiple sources, he is reported to have weighed around 320 kg. Due to his big body size, he has appeared on several documentaries, and television production, most of which are aimed at creating awareness about obesity and its dangers.

Elizabeth Bower

Bower is an award-winning actor and a former resident of Solihull who rose to fame after featuring in a number of high profile films including the ongoing British medical soap opera-Doctors. Born in Leeds, Bower grew up in Solihull where she attended Langley School before joining The Sixth Form College. After her short-lived stint in Doctors, she currently appears as Aunt Corey in The Secret Life of Boys by CBBC.

Michael Buerk

Buerk is a veteran award-winning English reporter and newsreader who worked as one of the main BBC News presenters between 1973 and 2002. Born and raised in Solihull, Buerk currently works as the host of The Moral Maze on BBC Radio 4. He currently lives in Guildford with his wife.

Alan Cox

Born in Solihull, Cox is a programming guru who is popularly known for his contributions in developing and maintaining Linux kernel. He has received several awards for his outstanding work in the world of software development and computer programming. Cox currently lives in Swansea and works for California based tech giant-Intel Corporation.

Stephen Walters

Born in Merseyside, Walters is a professional actor who makes frequent appearances in different British film and television productions. He has received several awards and award nominations. The Ragged and Outlander star man currently lives in the beautiful town of Solihull.

Jonathan Davies

Last on the list is rugby union player Jonathan Davies, a native of Solihull town. Popularly known as “Fox”, Davies is currently signed to the Scarlets where he plays alongside his younger brother James Davies. He is also a member of the Wales rugby national team. His family currently resides in Bancyfelin where he grew up.