Review Funnels and Reputation Management

Reviews are massively important when it comes to local search visibility.

Not only can they help with organic and map rankings, according to a BrightLocal study of over 1000 people, 82% of them read online reviews and only 52% would consider using a business with less than 4 stars. Your customers increasingly research your reputation before picking up the phone.

Think about how you purchase a product or service, particularly on the internet.  The number and quality of reviews will probably make a big part of your decision on whether to buy or not.

It’s therefore more important than ever for you to have a review funnel in place.

What is a review funnel?

Simply put, it’s a process that lets you request and follow up reviews in an automated fashion.  You pour the names in to the funnel, your reviews come out of the bottom.  The funnel helps your customer through the process, and you respond to the review at the end.

When we build your funnel, we will set up the automation, so all you need to do is add your customer details to a spreadsheet.  We will write your content (for your approval) and design and create your branded email templates.  We will also manage your funnel, ensuring that everything is working well, and highlight any issues that arise. We will also implement the reviews on your website AND implement review schema, so your star rating has the best chance of showing on Google.

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