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Search Solihull work with businesses of all sizes across Solihull and the West Midlands to help them rank their web pages.  Whether they need to rank organically or show up in maps listings, thorough initial research of both the business itself, and its competition, allows us to fully understand the client’s requirements, and how their business works.  Keeping up to date with, and in line with Google guidelines, ensures that the resulting outcomes are long-lasting.

We will undertake a thorough on-page optimisation of your website, using all the latest and most up to date search engine optimisation procedures, ensuring full adherence to google guidelines, fully implementing schema so that it is totally understood by all search engines, not just Google.

SEO is an absolute necessity for all online businesses, and is seen as the number one marketing strategy, often giving better returns than paid advertising.  Our keyword research will highlight the most valuable terms to target, so that the people that land on your website are the people with an intention to make contact with you and buy your goods or services.

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Is SEO important to your Solihull business?

A well-organised business of today can utilise a variety of technologies to win new business.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media provide new advertising options, all of which can give impressive returns with the right planning, implementation, and spend.  The same is true of Search Engine Optimisation, but what it provides that the others don’t, is a foundation that signifies trust and authority to your customers.

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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Google has been the dominant search engine for many years, and as of October 2019, held 87.96 per cent of the market.  Google has held strong due to the many benefits it provides to consumers and business alike, from ease of use, where users can search for anything from the current time Kuala Lumpur to royal family gossip, all from the same interface which has remained largely unchanged for many years.  Maintaining a healthy presence for your business on Google, helps to establish trust and authority in the eyes of the consumer.

Having a strong SEO strategy helps to keep your business in the forefront of your customers minds when they search for keywords relative to your business.  Whereabouts on the search engine results page (SERP) you show up, depends on the type of business you run, and how well you are optimised to show for the keywords searched for.  You may be a local service orientated business, in which case your best chance of showing at the top of the page might be in the map listings.  You may be a large national retailer, with a strong brand presence, in which case you will probably dominate organic searches for brand terms, and have a healthy PPC budget.  Whatever the situation Search Engine Optimisation plays an important role in being found online.

The Hard Part of SEO

SEO is often described a science, and for the most part that is true.  There are many technical elements which to the layperson without years of experience may seem like witchcraft.  But it is also true that there are proven processes which can be implemented time and time again, that will give positive results over and over.  If you are a roofer in Solihull, with the right processes in place and given time to build authority, you can consistently show in the top spot for searches for “best roofer in Solihull”.  The visibility this provides for your business will mean the phone rings off the hook.

How our SEO Services in Solihull work

Search engine algorithms are incredibly complex and change often.  It has been reported that the Google algorithm in particular changes hundreds of times each year, and it’s a good idea to either keep up to date with those changes by following the Google Webmaster Central Blog or employ the services of an SEO expert. The best way to stay on top of the search pages is to create unique, useful engaging and creative content, that answer the questions that people are searching for in your industry or niche.

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Why is it important?

Consumers are increasingly using technology to find answers to all their questions, on multiple devices. Research Online, Purchase Offline (ROPO) is becoming increasingly common, so even bricks and mortar businesses like restaurants, shops, and garages need to have a strong SEO strategy to make sure customers can find them easily, from mobile, tablet, laptop, or traditional desktop computer.  Being easy to find online expands your businesses reach, away from traditional advertising methods like TV, radio, or the side of a bus.  Online methods such as SEO give businesses opportunities to expand beyond the confines of their geography.  Ranking high on search engine pages establishes businesses front and central, and is the best way to attract new customers.

Search engine optimisation comes at a far cheaper price than paying for Google or Facebook Ads.  You can pay Google to place your website at the top of the search engine results page, but if you work in a competitive industry, the costs you will pay will likely be prohibitive.  Those search results are also marked clearly as ‘Ads’ and are a signal to your customers that you have paid to be there.  You will also need to ensure you have a quality page linked to your ad, otherwise not only will you pay more for the click, but a poor page experience will also likely mean the site visitor will not convert, and you have paid for nothing.  Having a sound SEO strategy will ensure your website ranks at the top of the page, without the costly ad spend.  SEO allows you to compete with even the biggest spending advertisers.

Technical SEO Specialists

Search Solihull will provide you with a personalised service, bespoke to your business.  We will meet with you and discuss your requirements, and look at the way your business operates, working with you to give your website the best chances of success.  We will carry out a thorough technical audit of your website, using a variety of tools and our experience, to ensure that there is nothing hindering your visibility.  We will research your online presence, ensuring that your reputation is not suffering, or creating problems with your marketing efforts.

We will also research your competition, and deconstruct their marketing strategies, to see what is working for them, where they are getting results, and also where they might be missing opportunities. Using this research allows us to do things better than the competition, and therefore surpass their results, and rank higher than them.

How Search Solihull can Help Your Business

Google Analytics Reports via Data Studio

Careful regular analysis of your website traffic allows us to see what is working with your online visibility.  Website traffic does not always equal business.  We report and advise on a variety of metrics, both with regard to your website and your website visitors and their behaviour.  These reports, built in Google Data Studio, provide the learnings to guide your strategy and improve your customer journeys, and ultimately drive your business in the right direction.  What’s more, they are available to you 24 hours a day.

Failing to take advantage of search engine optimisation will, in the end, mean that to gain online exposure will ultimately cost you money to compete, which is likely to be unsustainable in the long run.  Can your business afford not to be in the game?

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