Keyword Research

Why do you need to do keyword research?

No website that wants to be found online should be launched without doing keyword research.  Every single person that uses Google uses keywords.  If you have no idea what people are typing in that little rectangle box, how are you going to show them that you’re the answer to their search? Without it, you are blindly writing content, with no idea whether people are searching for what you are writing about.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process SEO professionals and copywriters carry out so they know what terms and phrases to optimise for and include on website pages.  It is a process that informs website owners about their online competition, and gives an indication of how difficult it will be to generate traffic, and income, from a given set of keywords.  It also provides information about what elements make up the search results page.

Organic results for "excel tutorial" dominated by video results

As a simple example, a client who provides online Microsoft office courses might want to target the keyword “excel tutorial”.  It would be best placed to not just rely on written content in these circumstances, because the organic results above the fold are dominated by video results:Google also provides a “People also ask” box for this search term.

As an aside, this highlights the importance of building questions and answers into website content.  With the onset of voice assistants such as Google Home and Alexa, search engines are increasingly being referred to as “answer engines” in the SEO industry.

We work with clients to build up a persona of their ideal customers before undertaking keyword research, to enable the targeting of keywords that will provide the best returns.

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