Schema Code Deployment

What is Schema code?

Schema is code or “structured data” that can be added to your web pages that tells search engines what that page is about, so that it can provide more useful information to searchers in the form of “rich snippets”. You might have seen rich snippets in search results take the form of review stars, product pricing, a search box, recipes, or company information in the knowledge panel (the area on the right of search results).

The fact is there are many areas where schema can be implemented on your site, and they all help Google and other search engines categorise your content. There has been much discussion on whether schema is a ranking factor – i.e. whether having it will improve your positions in search – but having it is certainly an advantage, even if that is just improving your CTR (click through rate). The chances of searchers clicking your result on the search page because it is more attractive than a simple blue text link are greatly improved.

We will fully implement schema where possible on your site, from blog posts, to FAQ pages, to authors and products.

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